This site is all about our sweet and wonderful house bunnies; all that they are, and all that they do.   In honor of them, please remember:

*To spay and neuter your bunnies!  This will prevent unnecessary litters, improve their health, and lessen, if not extinguish, behavioral problems caused by hormones such as spraying, nesting, and breeding-age aggression. 

*That rabbits go through age-related phases that are unaffected by neutering and spaying.  Therefore, be prepared for curiosity, mischievousness, chewing, assertiveness, etc.

*That each bunny is an individual.  Just because you've have a bunny in the past with a certain personality does not mean all bunnies have that personality.  If you are not committed to providing a bunny with a forever home, regardless of their personality, you’re best to speak with individuals that foster rabbits and can provide you with information about each of their adoptee's personalities.

*That each and every bunny is a living creature deserving of love, respect, educated caregivers, and understanding.  If you are unable to provide these things, you are not yet ready to bring a bun home.
Lily le Flop
Going in order of who arrived first; there is Lily le Flop, Daisy Flower_Meadow Princess, and baby sister Juliet.  To learn about each bunny's story, their likes and dislikes, and how they got their names, please head on over to their personal pages using the links toward the top of the page or by clicking on their pictures here on the Home page. 
 If you are new to the concept of living with a bunny, are considering the possibility of sharing your life with one, or simply would like further information, please be sure to check out the other pages in this site as well:
Games Bunnies Play contains captioned photos of our bunnies playing their favorite games.  Who knew bunnies could be so entertaining!
And Blinks is a listing of bunny-related links that we here have used and consider binkylishious baby!  
I personally have experience in the areas of house bunny preparation and care, children and bunnies cohabitating, and having multiple bunnies.  If you have any questions for me on these subjects, they can be sent to me via the Contact Us page. 
All of these pages will be extremely helpful if you wish to be successful and happy in a bunny relationship.
Daisy Flower_Meadow Princess
The bunnies and I hope you enjoy your visit, and that you learn something new while here.  If you'd like to leave a comment or suggestion about the site, or contact one of our house bunnies with a question, please go to the Contact Us page.  Thank you for stopping by!!