Daisy Flower_Meadow Princess

Daisy is a sandy-colored Flemish Giant that was an adoption-turned-rescue by us on December 10th of 2010.  She was 1 yr old at the time, and we were celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary.  We had arranged with the man who "owned" her several days in advance to come by and pay the re-homing fee to his sister and take the rabbit home.  Upon meeting Daisy however, and seeing her living conditions, we felt the adoption fee was outrageous!  She stank of poop and was up to her chin in it with no food or water in sight.  And according to the guy's sister, the only thing she was being fed was carrots.  We could have gotten a pedigree flemmie for the amount of money they wanted, but were not about to leave her there knowing she'd have a miserable existence.  We paid the fee, and loaded her into our car to get her home as quickly as we could so she could be cleaned up.  We were told immediately after putting her in the car however that we needed to take her hutch as well.  Evidently, it was part of "the deal" for us to take the nasty thing off their hands?!  With not so much as a word to them as we were thoroughly annoyed with these people by now, my hubby disassembled it, loaded it into our car, and upon arriving home scrubbed it spotless.  He was originally going to sell the hutch to try and get some of the money we paid back.  But, as it turned out, we found a better use for it.  It is now Lily and Travis' studio apartment!  

Daisy's favorite activities are flopping over on all the comfy places and being overly snuggly with her pookie, Prince (which is quite cute and amusing as she's a whopping 12 lbs and growing). 

She is currently bonded to Prince, whom she's been with since her second day in our home.  We did try to introduce her to Lily and Travis about a week after she joined us, but that did not go well.  Lily chased her, and she chased Travis.  And all three were pretty stressed.  So we put it on hold.  She also was given a chance to meet Cinderella and Juliet, but was quite aggressive with them, so that went on hold as well.  She has since been spayed (on January 6st of 2011), and so we've decided to give bonding another try now that her hormones have settled.  After just one session, she is tolerating Lily and Travis, but still constantly harasses Juliet and Cinderella.  Hopefully patience and persistence will result in everybun being friends....