The song that inspired her name...

All-4-One's "I Can Love You Like That"
She joined our family New Year's Eve.  It was at that time that she was just 7 months old and believed to be a cottontail lionheadX.  Her family had just moved to a house that they were not allowed to have bunnies in, and so the poor dear was being kept in a chinchilla cage in the cold garage by an open door until the family could find her a new home. 


Juliet is the curious one, as she likes to inspect everything.  If she's approached too quickly though, she takes off thumping.  She was originally quite nervous on the floor, but now she loves to explore and be around the other bunnies.  People coming near her still scares her though.

She is bonded to her sister, and friends with the other bunnies.  Her main obstacle is learning to trust people.